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The two campuses of NCUE are 51.1 hectare in total: 

Ⅰ.Jin-De Campus, 24.9 hectare, is located at the edge of downtown Changhua City, about seven-minute drive to the train station. 

Ⅱ.Bao-Shan Campus, 26.2 hectare, is located on Mountain Ba-Gua, where people can have a good view of the whole Changhua City. The College of Engineering, College of Management, and College of Technology and Vocational Education are located in this campus. There also are the branch of the library of NCUE and dormitories.


 Department of Accounting is located in Bao-Shan Campus. (No. 2 Shida RoadChanghua City)


The buildings and space of the two campuses are all specially designed to provide students with a good environment for personal cultivation.